What our users say

Total Health "We first became acquainted with the benefits of EPRT at an American Academy of Anti-Aging conference. A 25-minute session with the JAI* literally recharged three of us who had been walking the auditorium floor for five hours. Subsequently, I have recommended the unit to three individuals, two with chronic pain and one with a minor fracture. Each person found the unit helpful in alleviating the discomfort and considered it a positive factor in their recovery."

Editor, TotalHealth Magazine, California USA
Detox "Unlike nutritional and herbal antioxidants, which depend on the digestive and circulatory systems for delivery, the JAI* overrides the physical pathways and delivers its antioxidant activity directly to every tissue and cell of the body via the bio-electric template of the human energy system (HES). The JAI* may also be used in the course of daily life for a quick, convenient "mini detox," and to recharge and rebalance the whole system whenever energy runs low."

Daniel Reid, author, "The Tao of Detox"

Bodi Devices

* The original JAI device has been retired. Our two new and improved models, the BodiHarmoni Energy Enhancer and the BodiCharger Sports Enhancer, target the lifestyle and sports & fitness markets.